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Teknisk fysik

Teknisk fysik - Engineering physics - is a bachelors programme at Chalmers University of Technology. Courses are held in Swedish. Translation and grades can be provided on request.

I earned my bachelors degree in 2012.

TDA305 Datorintroduktion 1,5hp
ESS115 Elektriska nät och system 7,5hp
EEF031 Elektromagnetisk fältteori 7,5hp
TIF080 Experimentell fysik 1 - mätteknik 9hp
TIF090 Experimentell fysik 2 - bas 4,5hp
FFY011 Fasta tillståndets fysik 7,5hp
MVE035 Flervariabelanalys 6hp
MVE030 Fourieranalys 6hp
TIF010 Fysiken omkring oss 7,5hp
TMA970 Inledande matematisk analys 6hp
FKA150 Inledande teknisk kommunikation 1,5hp
TIFX02 Kandidatarbete vid Teknisk fysik 15hp
MVE025 Komplex matematisk analys 6hp
FUF040 Kvantfysik 6hp
TMA660 Linjär algebra och geometri 4,5hp
TMA671 Linjär algebra och numerisk analys 7,5hp
TMA976 Matematisk analys, fortsättning 6hp
TMA321 Matematisk statistik 4,5hp
FFM515 Mekanik 1 7,5hp
FFM520 Mekanik 2 6hp
TIF075 Miljöfysik 4,5hp
FFY091 Optik 6hp
TIN211 Programmeringsteknik 6hp
ERE091 Reglerteknik 4,5hp
FUF045 Speciell relativitetsteori 4,5hp
TME055 Strömningsmekanik 4,5hp
FUF050 Subatomär fysik 6hp
FTF140 Termodynamik och statistisk fysik 7,5hp
TIF100 Tillämpad kvantfysik 4,5hp
FFM232 Vektorfält och klassisk fysik 4,5hp

Bachelors thesis

For our bachelors thesis me, two of my fellow students at Engineering physics and three students at Elektroteknik - roughly electrics and electronics - developed, built and tested a wireless charing station for cellular phones.

Complex Adaptive Systems

Complex Adaptive Systems is a masters programme at Chalmers University of Technology. Courses are held in English Grades can be provided on request.

As of January 2013 I have just begun work on my Masters thesis.

TIN092 Algorithms 7,5hp
FFR135 Artificial neural networks 7,5hp
FFR125 Autonomous agents 7,5hp
FFR141 Complex systems seminar 7,5hp
FFR110 Computational biology 1 7,5hp
TDA351 Cryptography 7,5hp
TIF115 Dynamical systems 7,5hp
TIF160 Humanoid robotics 7,5hp
RRY025 Image processing 7,5hp
MVE370 Matematik och samhälle 7,5hp
FFR120 Simulation of complex systems 7,5hp
FFR105 Stochastic optimization algorithms 7,5hp
MVE080 Vetenskaplig visualisering 7,5hp

Matematik och samhälle translates to Mathematics and society.

Vetenskaplig visualisering translate to Scientific visualization.

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