13 Jun 2012

For testing out my os during development, I usually use Bochs

I also usually compile Bochs into two versions. One that has the debugger option enabled and one that runs entirely in a command line environment.

Let's go!

$ curl -L -O
$ tar -zxvf bochs-2.5.1.tar.gz
$ mkdir build-bochs
$ cd build-bochs
$ ../bochs-2.5.1/configure --enable-smp --enable-cpu-level=6 --enable-all-optimizations --enable-pci --enable-vmx --enable-logging --enable-fpu --enable-sb16=dummy --enable-cdrom --disable-plugins --disable-docbook --with-term
$ make all
$ make install

And that's the terminal version.

Important note

This configure line won't actually work. I'll update with the new one as soon as I can.

Now we move this to bochs-term and compile the version with the debugger.

$ mv /usr/local/bin/bochs /usr/local/bin/bochs-term
$ rm *
$ ../bochs-2.5.1/configure --enable-smp --enable-cpu-level=6 --enable-all-optimizations --enable-pci --enable-vmx --enable-logging --enable-fpu --enable-sb16=dummy --enable-cdrom --disable-plugins --disable-docbook --enable-debugger --enable-disasm --with-x11
$ make all
$ make install

Finally, copy the bochs bioses to a public place

$ cp -r ../bochs-2.5.1/bios /usr/share/bochs

And that's it.


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