A Step Back

6 Feb 2013

I've previously described my normal mode of enjoying the hobby of operating system development, i.e. restarting from the ground every time I get some time, and then forgetting everything once school starts.

That's exactly why I started writing down what I'm doing in this blog.

The thing is, I didn't really keep to this at the end of summer, and ran ahead a bit with the programming, thinking I should catch up with the blogging at a later time. Obviously, I didn't do this...

When I took a look at the state of my code a week or so ago, I noticed I hadn't even checked in my changes since August. So that's what I did, and then I branched off the last commit I blogged about (756852fc66) and made that the new master branch.

For future reference (I'll probably cheat again someday) there were the commands for this:

$ git commit -m 'Bad excuse for not checking in before'
$ git checkout -b new_master OLD_COMMIT_SHA
$ git merge --strategy=ours master
$ git checkout master
$ git merge new_master

The resulting commit is found at f74ec287db. If you take a look at my commit list, though, you'll notice that I cheated again... I told you I would!

Anyway. I'll get right on describing what I've been doing...


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