Two Small Projects

5 Mar 2013

Breadboard Arduino

I didn't really like the arduino when I first heard about it. It was vastly overpowered for any task I saw it used for and with the interpreted coding it seemed little more than an expensive waste of processor cycles.

Then I went and bought one anyway, and I am happy to admit that I was wrong to think it useles. I remember opening the box, and ten minutes later I had used it to solve a problem which had been bothering me for a week. Now I'm thinking of getting a third one.

The one I use the most is an Arduino nano, which can be seen sitting on my breadboard in this photo from a previous post Z80 tester wiring

This placement worked well, but I kept thinking about the big open area just to the left of the Arduino...

So, one day I brought out the dremel and... perfect fit! Arduino breadboard

To the sides are an IC holder I split in half and soldered on the back. Arduino soldering

It was a bit tricky to avoid melting the plastics, but I think it turned out allright.

Finally, heres a picture of it in use for studying the timings of an SD card for my Z80 computer. Arduino in use

Mac mini headset adapter

I use a Mac mini (mid 2011) as my main desktop computer. I wanted to connect a headset to it for skyping, but found out that the only connections are Audio out and Line in.

The Audio out port, however, allows you to connect an iPhone headset and use its microphone with the computer. That gave me an idea, and after some searching I found this.

Once again I heated the soldering iron and got this: Headset adapter

Let me tell you, that four-pole connector is one tight fit.

The top two connectors are wired in parallell and allows me to have both my speakers and my headset connected at the same time. It's easy enough to just turn off the speakers when I don't need them and I wont ever have to dig around behind the computer to connect the headset.


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